Rhythm Cat Pro 2

Temporarily removed from sale while we fix some issues. Should be available again in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience.

Available now on all iOS devices:

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rhythm-cat-pro-2/id1203856938?ls=1&mt=8

Rhythm Cat Pro 2 is a fun rhythm game that follows on from where the popular first app left off – with more rhythms and new music to play along to.
As well as being an entertaining game, Rhythm Cat Pro 2 will teach you how to read and recognize the most commonly used rhythms found in traditional music notation.
A helpful tool for improving reading skills that can be applied to all instruments.

The app features:

– 60 levels that get progressively more challenging.
– 30 songs that mix originals and classics from Bach to Chopin – matched for each level of difficulty.
– Simple, easy to use interface, presented in a game like format.
– Practice level that allows you to select the rhythms you want to work on.
– Option to select between a slower or faster tempo for each level.

This app has been developed in collaboration with professional musicians and educators.
Although no prior knowledge of music is required, if you are a beginner you may wish to review
Rhythm Cat Lite or Rhythm Cat Pro first to familiarize yourself with some of the more basic rhythms